Aaron Lawson, P.E.

County Engineer

12637 E. 950th Rd.
Paris, IL 61944

Phone: 217.465-4139
Fax: 217.463-6804

Edgar County Highway Department

The Edgar County Highway Department is based in Paris, IL, and maintains 167 miles of County Highway. These roads include the Horace-Brocton Rd., Clinton Rd., Vermilion Rd., Cherry Point Rd., Lower Terre Haute Rd., Conlogue Rd., Public Well Rd., along with various other rural county highways. Edgar County is located on the eastern border of Illinois, and has approximately 623 square miles.

In addition to the County roads, the County Highway Department helps the 15 townships of Edgar County with their 885 miles of roadways. The department also provides engineering, and administers the 15 Township’s Motor Fuel Tax and Township Bridge Program Funds.

ECHD is also responsible for the bridges and culverts under and along the road system. Along these roadways, ECHD has 49 bridges and the Townships have 187 bridges, which ECHD is responsible for inspecting. They also supervise the design and replacement of 1-2 structures each year.


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