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Crime Investigations

If someone feels that he is the victim of a crime (as opposed to a civil matter) they should report it to law enforcement for investigation. If the crime occurred in city limits it should be reported to the Paris Police Department at 465-6351, Chrisman Police Department 269-2214 or Kansas Village Police Department 948-5621. If the crime occurred in Edgar County it should be reported to the Edgar County Sheriff’s Department at 465-4166 (Hume, Grandview, Metcalf, Redmon, and Vermilion). After the investigation is complete, one of the attorneys in the State’s Attorney’s Office will review the matter and make a determination whether criminal charges will be filed and what the charges will be.

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    State’s Attorney

    The duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely to convict.

    The Edgar County State’s Attorney’s Office is dedicated to protecting the rights and ensuring the safety of the citizens of Edgar County and supporting the functions of county government. To that end, the Office of the State’s Attorney commences and prosecutes all criminal and traffic cases in the Circuit Court and initiates all dependency, neglect, abuse and delinquency juvenile petitions and proceedings. Further, we provide legal advice and representation to the Edgar County Board, elected officials and department heads as to their duties and responsibilities under the law.

    We are not able to file lawsuits on behalf of individuals or advise the public on the law.

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    Sentences to D.O.C.

    July 2010 thru March 2015

    The following table shows 10 sentences at a time but may be expanded sorted by each column.

    2/9/2017William North2016 CF 261Failure to Register3 years
    2/6/2017James Mulkins2016 CF 266Participation in Methamphetamine Manufacturing12 years
    2/6/2017William Malone2016 CF 119Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    2017 CF 15Delivery of Controlled SubstanceConsecutive to 3 years
    2/2/2017Corey Fletcher2016 CF 223Possession of Weapons by a felon2 years
    2/2/2017Zachary Wilson2016 CF 2Failure to Register4 years
    1/30/2017Sean Baldwin2016 CF 158Failure to Register4 years
    1/19/2017Dalton Elsberry2017 CF 4Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    1/19/2017Dalton DeWeese2015 CF 153Burglary3 years
    2015 CF 160Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    1/3/2017Zacharia Cooley2016 CF 228Residential Burglary4 years
    12/15/2016Daniel Robinson2012 CF 186Aggravated Battery5 years
    12/13/2016Selena Hall2014 CF 177Involuntary Manslaughter14 years
    11/22/2016Eli Hedges2014 CF 39Possession of Methamphetamine14 years
    11/17/2016Isaac Burgess2016 CF 167Failure to Report2 years
    10/31/2016Carl Schaefer2011 CF 75Burglary (Conspiracy)2 years each, concurrent
    2012 CF 78Domestic Battery
    2014 CF 84Domestic Battery
    10/31/2016Chris Whalen2016 CF 168Failure to Register2 years
    10/20/2016Dustin Denson2016 CF 121Delivery of Controlled Substance4 years
    2016 CF 137ForgeryConcurrent with 3 years
    10/3/2016Tony Litaker2016 CF 149Aggravated Battery2 years
    9/23/2016Fred Cox2014 CF 121Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child24 years
    9/16/2016Robert Lovell2015 CF 208Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    9/16/2016Corey Barnes2016 CF 48Possession of Methamphetamine5 years
    9/15/2016Brandon Switzer2016 CF 73Unlawful Delivery of Methamphetamine3 years
    9/15/2016Christopher Runyan2016 CF 95Domestic Battery2 years
    8/26/2016Blair Brown2011 CF 154Possession of Controlled Substance1 year
    2015 CF 149Possession of Methamphetamine3 years concurrent
    8/19/2016Chad Edgar2016 CF 87Forgery Count I to VI3 years
    8/11/2016Dalton Maus2012 CF 170Possession of Controlled Substance15 months
    8/11/2016Adam Titus2015 CF 181Failure to Register2 years
    8/8/2016Heather Mason2016 CF 38Burglary, Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    2016 CF 412 years
    3 years concurrent
    7/28/2016Zebulin Bowman2016 CF 83Possession of Methamphetamine3.5 years
    7/18/2016Jessica Kurtz2016 CF 136Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    7/11/2016Russell Arnold2016 CF 92Delivery of Methamphetamine3 years
    7/8/2016Jared Littleton2012 CF 154, 2015 CF 130, 2016 CF 88Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Methamphetamine Materials5 years, 2 years and 3 years consecutive
    7/1/2016Cody Rigdon2012 CF 106Criminal Damage and Escape2.5 years
    2012 CF 1093 years concurrent
    6/24/2016Richard LaBaume2015 CF 237Aggravated Battery – 3 counts4 years concurrent
    6/24/2016Isaac Burgess2016 CF 70Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Methamphetamine Manufacturing Materials4 years concurrent
    6/16/2016Anthony Bapp2014 CF 192, 2015 CF 144, 2016 CF 120Failure to Register, Theft and Failure to Register3 years, 3 years consecutive to 3 years
    2016/06/07Robert Wood2016 CF 46 2015 CF 186Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse and Failure to register10 years, 5 years concurrent
    5/23/2016Dale Porter2015 CF 05Domestic Battery (two counts)18 months concurrent
    5/20/2016Ryan Littleton2014 CF 63Possession of Methamphetamine2 years concurrent
    2015 CF 155Possession of Methamphetamine
    5/2/2016Everett Elsberry2012 CF 114Theft3 years
    4/22/2016Debra Toothman2015 CD 192Failure to Register3 years
    4/15/2016Stevei Butler2015 CF 69Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    4/15/2016Joseph Rollings2016 CF 19Burglary3 years
    4/15/2016Dustin Ferris2016 CF 50Failure to Report2 years
    3/24/2016Jake Nichols2014 CF 107Arson(attempt)3 years concurernt
    2015 CF 131Aggravated Battery3 years
    3/21/2016Carissa Daniels2015 CF 70Unlawful Disposal of Methamphetamine Waste3 years
    3/18/2016Joseph Rollings2016 CF 17Residential Burglary5 years
    3/18/2016Isaac Graham2015 CF 74Possession of Controlled Substance1 years
    2015 CF 159Forgery3 years
    2016 CF 23Possession of Controlled Substance3 years consecutive
    3/10/2016Bryan Runnick2013 CF 59Forgery2 years
    3/7/2016Dustin Halfacre2016 CF 21Residential Burglary4 years
    3/7/2016Kevin Carlson2012 CF 2Burglary/Arson5 years concurrent
    2/26/2016Vance Plew2014 CF 50Possession of Meth2 years concurrent
    2014 CF 163Theft2 years
    2/25/2016Tyson Ducharme2015 CF 91Theft, Possession Stolen Property42 months
    24 months
    2/11/2016Dustin Ferris2014 CF 10, 2014 CF 107Criminal Damage2 years
    2015 CF 79Possession of Meth2 years
    2015 CF 80Possession of Methconcurrent
    Possession of Meth3 years
    5 years
    2/8/2016Dennis Fiscus2011 CF 41Delivery of Cannabis3 years concurrent
    2015 CF 210Possession of Meth3 years
    1/28/2016David Poore2015 CF 10Aggravated Driving While Revoked3 years
    1/14/2016Vernon Buchanan2015 CF 190Possession of Weapon by Felon2 years
    11/30/2015Kalee Ford2014 CF 181Use of Property3 years
    11/20/2015Curtis Wilson2014 CF 19712 years total concurrent and consecutive
    2015 CF 8, 2015 CF 11
    2015 CF 77
    2015 CF 104
    2015 CF 114
    11/20/2015Dallas DeWeese2014 CF 182Failure to Register2 years concurrent
    2015 CF 1853 years
    11/16/2015Colt Wells2015 CF 133Failure to Register as Sex Offender3 years consecutive
    2015 CF 1853 years
    11/9/2015Matthew Pardi2012 CF 58Possession of Controlled Substance2 years
    10/29/2015Curtis Wilson2015 CF 171Methamphetamine Waste3 years
    10/29/2015Stacy English2013 CF 49Aggravated Battery2 years
    2015 10/23William Allen2014 CF 183Burglary3 years
    10/23/2015Christopher Messenger2015 CF 83Aggravated Battery2 years consecutive
    2015 CF 152Escape2 years
    10/22/2015Scott Labaume2015 CF 127Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    2014 CF 198Aggravated Batteryconsecutive
    2 years
    10/16/2015Justin Erwin2015 CF 175Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    10/16/2015Charla Cline2015 CF 154Failure to Report to Penal Institution2 years
    9/29/2015Brian Shivlar2015 CF 44Participation in Methamphetamine Manufacturing8 years
    9/28/2015Damian Thompson2013 CF 23Possession of Methamphetamine2.5 years
    9/18/2015Jacob Ford2015 CF 102Possession of Weapons by Felon, Reckless Discharge3 years
    2 years
    9/17/2015Justin Tresner2013 CF 66Possession of Methamphetamine4 years
    9/14/2015Austin Norman2012 CF 95Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    9/8/2015Travis Johnson2015 CF 84Possession of Burglary Tools3 years
    9/3/2015Cameron Prouse2011 CF 114, 2011 CF 131, 2012 CF 13Criminal Damage/ Obstructing, Possession of Controlled Substance24 months, 30 months, 36 months, 20 months
    8/27/2015Charla Cline2015 CF 64Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    8/21/2015Christopher Sheets2014 CF 9Criminal Trespass2 years
    8/20/2015Stephen Cisz2015 CF 67Weapons Possession of Felon4.5 years
    8/20/2015Robert Duke2015 CF 53Failure to Register3 years
    8/10/2015Charles Harris2014 CF129Possession of Burglary Tools1 year
    7/31/2015Bruce Hunt2012 CF 183Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    7/27/2015Gene Marchant2014 CF 193Possession of Controlled Substance2 years
    2015 CF 35Aggravated Fleeing3 years
    7/27/2015Heather Dawson2013 CF 51Use of Property3 years
    7/16/2015Nathan Hale2015 CF 78Methamphetamine Manufacturing6 years
    Possession of Controlled Substance
    7/9/2015Bruce Savard2014 CF 137Aggravated Driving while License Revoked2 years
    5/21/2015Michael Phipps2015 CF 51Possession of Methamphetamine8 years
    2014 CF 98Burglary, Theft5 years
    5/21/2015Jeffrey Eskew2012 CF 108Escape3 years
    5/15/2015Bartley2014 CF 22Aggravated Driving Revoked3 years
    5/15/2015Jimmy Mulkins2012 CF 178Aggravated Driving Revoked2 years
    5/15/2015Robbie Comstock2011 CF 29Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    2013 CF 68Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    4/20/2015Austin Winkler2014 CF 31Residential Burglary, Count I and II7 years
    2015 CF 48Failure to Register2 years
    4/17/2015Cortez Shields2013 CF 67Obstructing Justice2 years
    3/26/2015Carol Pine
    3/26/2015Derek Howard2013 CF 148Methamphetamine Possession2 years
    2014 CF 34Possession of Meth Manufacturing Materials3 years
    2014 CF 57Use of Property4 years
    3/26/2015Janet Dunn2013 CF 91Retail Theft3 years
    2014 CF 156Retail Theft5 years
    2014 CF 148Possession of Meth2 years
    2014 CF 154Possession of Meth, Theft
    2014 CF 139Car Theft, Burglary
    1/2/2015Dustin Craig2014 CF 152Failure to Register2 years
    2015 CF 3Failure to Register2 years
    9/4/2014Barbara Jaco12 CF 79Identity Theft3 years
    9/4/2014Josh Means14 CF 21, 11 CF 67Transport Methamphetamine Manufacturing Materials, Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    5 years
    9/4/2014Onie Wells12 CF 38, 14 CF 123Aggravated Battery, Burglary2 years
    3 years
    9/4/2014Harvey Eslinger12 CF 142, 13 CF 130Aggravated Battery, Theft, Possession of Methamphetamine,4 years
    2 years
    9/4/2014Haley Thompson13 CF 150Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    9/4/2014Shawn Vangilder14 CF 59Aggravated Driving While Revoked18 months
    9/4/2014William Tresner14 CF 109Possession of Methamphetamine.30 months
    9/4/2014Jordan Clark13 CF 168Theft2 years
    11 CF 115Possession of Controlled Substance
    9/4/2014Amanda DeWeese13 CF 171Possession of Methamphetamine30 months
    9/4/2014Robert Crowder14 CF 29Aggravated Driving Revoked15 months
    9/4/2014David Pender12 CF 144Burglary4 years
    13 CF 149Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    9/4/2014David Beaver14 CF 15Possession of Methamphetamine4 years
    9/4/2014Brittany Tresner13 CF 41, 42, 13 CF 139Possession of Controlled Substance, Identity Theft, Aggravated Battery2 years, 2 years, 4 years
    9/4/2014Robert Dooley14 CF 40, 14 CF 161Failure to Register, Possession of Meth, Possession of Stolen Vehicle3 years, 3 years
    9/4/2014Jada Trenser12 CF 65Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    9/4/2014Adam Calloway12 CF 164, 14 CF 14, 14 CF 196Arson, Delivery of Meth, Unlawful Use of Property3 years each count
    9/4/2014Vernon Fox13 CF 129Possession of Methamphetamine3 years
    9/4/2014Richard Spencer14 CF 112Phone Harassment of A Minor18 months
    14 CF 48Burglary6 years
    9/4/2014Shane Floyd14 CF 160Burglary5 years
    9/4/2014Patrick Duffy14 CF 115Aggravated Driving Under the Influence3 years
    8/25/2014George Rogers14 CF 25Possession of Controlled Substance15 months
    8/22/2014David Beaver12 CF 196Possession of Methamphetamine2.5 years
    7/18/2014David Walls12 CF 209Possession of Methamphetamine Manufacturing Materials5 years
    7/18/2014Leland Augustus10 CF 108Burglary3 years
    7/18/2014Christopher Whalen12 CF 187Burglary (Attempt), Possession of Cannabis2 years, 2.5 years
    6/12/2014Michael Fiscus14 CF 77, 11 CF 62, 12 CF 150Possession of Methamphetamine Manufacturing Materials, failure to Register, Possession of Cannabis3 years
    3 years
    3 years
    6/12/2014David Beaver08 CF 78Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    6/12/2014Nathaniel Nichols11 CF 37, 11 CF 151Possession of Methamphetamine2 years
    3/21/2014Jared Plew14 CF 46, 12 CF 133, 12 CF 134, 12 CF 121Aggravated battery, Escape, Aggravated Battery, Threatening a Public official2 years, 3 ½ years, 3 years
    3/21/2014Justin Plew13 CF 142, 13 CF 138Aggravate Battery, Criminal Trespass3 years
    5 years
    3/21/2014Sean Baldwin11 CF 147Failure to Register as Sex Offender3 years
    3/21/2014Derek Kelly13 CF 99, 13 CF 154Failure to Register as Sex Offender2.5 years
    Contraband in Penal Institution5 years
    3/21/2014Anthony Sanders14 CF 12Arson5 years
    3/21/2014Nathan hal