Information is provided as a courtesy to the public through these vendor hosted sites.

For the most up-to-date information please contact the Office of Assessment directly.

GIS Site

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) provides aerial maps with property boundaries and roadway center lines overlaying the imagery. You can search and zoom to a specific property using the Property Identification Number (PIN).

Property Records

Edgar County is in the process of transitioning our Legacy Tax software to a new solution in an effort to better manage the data and present it to the public through a new website interface.

The new site for tax billing information and some very basic property information will be updated regularly, automatically. This site will eventually replace the previous, now out dated site.


Purchasing GIS Data

A complete GIS data package is generated and provided for purchase at 25 cents per parcel. Edgar County currently manages data for approximately 18,000 parcels.

This rate is set by County Statute and may be revised by the Board. All money generated by the sale of these data packages contributes to the cost of hardware and software used to maintain the data. It also contributes to updating the aerial imagery on a three year cycle.

If you only need a selection of parcel GIS data please contact our GIS vendor Bruce Harris & Associates. They can process requests for specific data sets and formats. They set their own fees.

Tabular Data Only

Tabular property information is freely available upon request. This tabular data is ownership, assessment and basic parcel data. Tabular data DOES NOT include any information about buildings on a parcel like bedrooms, building size or anything else.

Tabular data is provided in either raw CSV format or as an Excel spreadsheet.

For access to either of these packages please contact the Office of Assessment directly.