Please CALL AHEAD before attempting to visit any County office.

Office Main Number
Supervisor of Assessments 217-466-7418
County Treasurer’s Office 217-466-7446
County Clerk & Recorder 217-466-7433
Circuit Clerk 217-466-7447
Health Department 217-465-2212
Probation Office 217-466-7466
State’s Attorney 217-466-7456
Sheriff’s Department 217-465-4166


The Edgar County Clerk & Recorder’s Office is open for business; though the door is locked. Many services can be provided by mail. However, if you need to come in we require you to wear a mask and practice social distancing. We recommend that you call us to schedule an appointment so that we may be able to serve you more efficiently.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Phone 217-466-7433
  • Fax 217-466-7430


Due to our commitment to the safety and the health of courthouse employees, we are adhering to suggested practices from the CDC. 

Therefore, entrance into the Circuit Clerk’s office and the courtrooms is being limited to essential court matters only. 

Please check or call the Circuit Clerk’s office if you have questions regarding your case.

Please do not come into the office. 

If you wish to make a payment on your case you may mail a personal check, money order or pay on-line with a credit card. 

Thank you for your cooperation.