The 2021 Board of Review has convened.

The following rules for filing a complaint with the Edgar County Board of Review have been adopted.  Prescribed forms are readily available in the Supervisor of Assessments Office and here.

Board of Review Complaint Form (26.2 KiB, 1304 downloads)
  1. The Board of Review will not consider a complaint that does not conform to the rules stated below.
  2. Complaints must be in writing on prescribed form, one parcel per complaint form.
  3. A complaint form must be completed in every detail including the owner’s idea of the value of the parcel and signed by the owner of record.
  4. The complaint form must be received in the Supervisor of Assessments Office or must carry a postmark on or before the last date for filing complaints.
  5. A complaint may be filed at any time with the Supervisor of Assessments who serves as the Clerk of the Board of Review.  The complaint will be reviewed during the next regular session of the Board of Review.
  6. It is up to you to prove the assessment is wrong.
  7. A copy of all evidence MUST be submitted with the complaint form.
  8. The Board of Review will consider each complaint accepted, will physically inspect the property if necessary, and will render a tentative decision.
  9. The taxpayer may request a formal hearing before the Board of Review if not satisfied with the tentative decision.
  10. If the Board of Review has not received a request for a formal hearing within seven (7) days of the postmark on the Tentative Decision, the complaint will be considered closed with the Tentative Decision becoming the Final.
  11. When a formal hearing is requested, the taxpayer will be notified by the Board of Review of the date and time. Additional evidence must be submitted no later than five calendar days PRIOR to the hearing.
  12. After the formal hearing has been held, the Board of Review will render a Final Decision. The Board of Review Final Decision may be appealed to the State Property Tax Appeal Board within thirty (30) days of the postmark on the notification of the Final Decision.
  13. Forms for use in appealing to the State Property Tax Appeal Board will be available to the taxpayer in the Supervisor of Assessments Office.