On Saturday, February 17, 2018 at approximately 9:51am Justin A Hefner entered the County Jail and approached the visitor window. He advised the dispatcher that he was an officer with the Department of Defense and asked to speak with a Deputy.

Deputy Smith and Deputy Burgin were alerted and came to the window. It was noted that Hefner was wearing an outer vest with a badge, partially obscured by an American flag patch and a holster with the butt of a pistol visible.

Hefner advised he was a Federal Officer with the Department of Defense and requested assistance arresting some people in Paris. The Deputies were aware of Hefner’s history of possibly impersonating an officer.

The Deputies convinced Hefner they believed he was an officer and talked him into locking his pistol in the gun vault before entering the Jail. Once he came through the locked door the Deputies talked Hefner into removing his outer body armor, which was found to have half inch steel plates. He also had hand cuffs and mace. The deputies noted he had another bullet proof vest on and convinced him to remove it also.

The Deputies contacted Paris PD to send officers to help.

Once he removed all the body armor, hand cuffs and mace Hefner was taken into custody without incident.

Hefner drove a white Hummer SUV to the Jail. Upon searching it the Deputies discovered another badge, a large package of zip ties, duct tape and an AR-15 equipped with optics, a bump stock and a bi-pod. They also discovered a fully loaded one hundred round drum magazine with several thirty round magazines. Hefner’s vehicle was also equipped with flashing lights and a police-style dash cam.

Deputies discovered Hefner operated a page on Facebook where he expressed his plans on who he was targeting in Edgar County and Paris.

Hefner is charged with Impersonating a public officer, unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful possession of body armor.

Bond has been set at $20,000

The FBI and Homeland Security have been notified.

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