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Edgar County provides online property information in two ways.

GIS Site

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) provides aerial maps with property boundaries and roadway center lines overlaying the imagery. You can search and zoom to a specific property using the Property Identification Number (PIN).

For the most up-to-date property information find your property identification number (PIN) in our GIS system and use it to search the “New” Property Record website linked below.

“Old” Site

Our previous Property Record Card website provides data on individual parcels of property including improvements and structural details used in the assessment process. This site is currently presenting outdated information and has not been updated since October 2016. This site will eventually be removed once we have our new system processing all the information properly.

“New” Site

Edgar County is currently in the process of transitioning our Legacy Tax software to a new solution to in an effort to better manage the data and present it to the public through a new website interface.

The new site for tax billing information and some very basic property information will be updated regularly, automatically. This site will eventually replace the previous, now out dated site.

There is no definite date on completion of the conversion process.