The General Election is November 8, 2016.

Early Voting begins September 29, 2016.

The last day to register to vote, change a name, or change an address for voter registration purposes is Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

Grace Period Registration and Voting begins October 12, 2016.

Grace Period Voting and Early Voting for all Edgar County Precincts are conducted in the Voting Center at the Edgar County Clerk’s Office.

Elderly and Persons With Disabilities who are not registered to vote and cannot leave their home, hospital, nursing home, or other institution because of a physical disability can arrange for voter registration by contacting the County Clerk’s Office.  If unable to vote in person, a registered voter may request an application to vote by mail.

Assistance with voting and voting aides are available.

All polling places in Edgar County are accessible to persons with disabilities.

August H. Griffin

Edgar County Clerk & Recorder

115 W. Court St.  Room J

Paris, IL 61944


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